Whilst we don’t usually like to get involved with local politics, the press coverage of the referendum and the subsequent out of context, clickbait reporting necessitates a response.

The referendum in question seeks to ban the construction of new second homes and holiday lets as well as set out plans for “Affordable Housing”. Due to the definitions of affordable housing being 20% below market value amongst other factors these plans do very little to address the actual needs of locals and succeed only in limiting the growth of the second home and holiday market upon which the local economy relies.

It is important to note at this point that local businesses were not consulted and had no idea that the referendum was being held. Had we been engaged on this matter as major stakeholders in the village prior to the press, all of the resulting upset, ill feeling and flow of misinformation could have been avoided.

The national press has run with this story and inflamed it beyond recognition taking others and our own statements completely out of context to generate views. Are we surprised by this? No. Journalistic integrity is a thing of the past so we will simply sign off with the below;

To all our customers whether you are local, second homeowners or holidaymakers….WE NEED AND LOVE ALL OF YOU! You are the heart of the village and its businesses, without you we quite simply exist. The tapestry of people in Burnham Market is what makes it unique and we shouldn’t do anything to jeopardise that!