Burnham Market Referendum Statement


Whilst we don’t usually like to get involved with local politics, the press coverage of the referendum and the subsequent out of context, clickbait reporting necessitates a response. The referendum in question seeks to ban the construction of new second homes and holiday lets as well as set out plans for “Affordable Housing”. Due to the [...]

Burnham Market Referendum Statement2023-10-07T11:18:24+01:00

And So It Begins!!!


Hello everyone!   After a successful summer we now find ourselves gearing up for the Christmas period. Slightly scary to be thinking its already lights switch on week! So Christmas in mind our Christmas Tastings are coming up! This year the tastings will be as follows; Wednesday 29th November from 6pm till 8:30pm Thursday 30th November from [...]

And So It Begins!!!2018-06-13T10:58:37+01:00

Burgundy but not Burgundy


So with a rather strange Easter over we are now all looking forward to the summer! Certainly feels like the warm weather is trying to break through! At this time of year a lot of us start switching from our fireside reds to something a little lighter (that is not to say fantastic claret is not [...]

Burgundy but not Burgundy2017-04-19T10:09:47+01:00

“Dry January”…….”Dry Wine”???


Hello everyone!   Here in the wine trade this is a very quiet time of year for us, and we have a number of things to contend with, the most obvious of which being this blasted “Dry January”!! Why can’t we all agree this means dry wine only! With plenty of different wines to try such as [...]

“Dry January”…….”Dry Wine”???2017-01-26T14:28:41+00:00
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