Sometimes (well often if we are being honest) being in wine trade has some serious benefits! I may have got a little distracted whilst stocking up the other week and ended up exploring some of the forgotten alcoves in the cellar. This little bit of procrastination has reaped some serious rewards and as we go through them I will keep you all updated.

The first little gem I stumbled upon was a bottle of Nicholas Potel Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru “La Perriere” Vintage 2000. Fortunately for me it took very little convincing (none at all) for Max to see how beneficial to my education this would clearly be!

We started off as you would expect with decanting, this immediately showed us that beautiful garnet colour you get from well-aged wines. It was superbly clear, the nose was deep, enticing and complex. On palate the wine was magnificently structured with the elegance of old fruit whilst retaining its refreshing acidity in the finish. We even gave a little glass to a very well timed customer we know likes his Burgundy!

So a very educational week for me, and I would definitely recommend you all come in soon and try something new, needs must and all that! We look forward to seeing you in the shop!!!