We hand selected a small collection of pre prepared mixed cases for your enjoyment. Please contact the shop for advice on further mixed cases!

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    Satchells Premium Provence

    Our pick of the 2021 premium Provençal rosé's!! 6 Bottles = 2 x Saint Mitre, 2 x Saint Mitre Madon, 2 x Mas de Cadenet 12 Bottes = 4 x Saint Mitre, 4 x Saint Mitre Madon, 4 x Mas de Cadenet
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    Satchells Essentials

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    A mixed case of our carefully selected house wines. You will not be disappointed! Contents: 3 x Satchells Merlot 3 x Satchells Rosé 3 x Satchells Sauvignon 3 x Satchells Grand Reserve Champagne
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    Satchells Selection

    The full range of our tried and tested house wines! Perfect for all manner of occasions! Satchells Grand Reserve Champagne, Satchells Grande Reserve Rosé Champagne, Maxwell's Claret, Satchells Merlot, Satchells Sauvignon, Satchells Rosé.


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